Climbing in the Upper Tagus is a limited activity due to its status as a Natural Park and the special protection that exists for some of the birds that nest in the canyons and cliffs. You can enjoy many tracks already laid out in the right place so as not to interfere with them.



Climbing in the Alto Tajo

Some of the areas where climbing is allowed in the Alto Tajo are these, if you are interested in any route with which you have doubts about the restrictions you can consult us.


Permitted Areas

  • Needles of the Peñalén bridge, for sport climbing.
  • Peña Horadada (La Gitana route and 2 more), for classic climbing.
  • Crags on the right bank of the Barranco de la Virgen de la Hoz for classic climbing and the 15 sport routes located in front of the Pozo del Infierno (right bank of the Gallo river) and in the upper part of the ravine near the Roca del Agua (left bank of the Gallo river).
  • Pozo del Infierno, on the left bank of the Rio Gallo.
  • Spire located at the Fuente de Los Ceños fountain.
  • Spire located at the confluence of the Rambla del Avellano and the road from Valtablado del Río to Arbeteta.
  • Las Covatillas ravine, in Poveda de la Sierra.

Prohibited areas between 1 January and 15 August

  • Needles of the Muela del Conde.
  • Barranco de la Virgen de la Hoz on the left bank of the river Gallo, except for the route opened at Pozo del Infierno. The opening of new sport climbing routes is expressly forbidden in this area.
  • Aguja del Muro, in the vicinity of the Falaguera Fountain.
  • Aguja del Puro, near Peña Horadada.
  • Walls of Peralejos de Las Truchas.
  • Loose tracks on other needles along the track that runs along the banks of the Tagus River.

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