Location: Lebrancon

Lebrancon is a small and quiet village, situated in the centre of the Ato Tajo natural park.
In its natural surroundings we find a great variety of landscapes, dense pine forests, extensive savin groves full of old huts, the high plateau of a limestone plateau overlooking the canyons formed by the river, which undoubtedly make this a unique place.
In the city centre we can highlight the Hermitage of La Soledad whose entrance is preceded by two enormous stumps of what were once two large elm trees (the elms of solitude) of more than nine and ten metres in perimeter, respectively, which once had a leafy canopy and offered a welcoming shade to the walker.
The uniqueness of these "ghost trees" lies not only in the thickness of their trunks, as this plant species used to have a formidable stature, but also in the legend that accompanies one of these specimens, which I am sure a local resident can explain. Lebrancon to the curious traveller.

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