Cuevas Visitables del Alto Tajo: A Journey to the Heart of the Earth

Cuevas Visitables del Alto Tajo: A Journey to the Heart of the Earth

In the vast natural framework of the Upper Tagus, real underground treasures are hidden. We are referring to the chasms, caves and cavities that populate this region, a geological jewel that captivates adventurers and nature lovers alike. In this blog post, we will introduce you to 4 caves that can be visited by everyone.

Visitable all year round

These are surprising not only for their beauty and variety of geological formations, but also for their stable temperature all year round. This makes them a an ideal destination to visit at any time of the year, even when the weather outside is bad.

Enter four of the most emblematic caves:

1. Sima de Alcorón:

Located in the municipality of Villanueva de Alcorón, this 90-metre deep chasm is one of the most impressive in the region. It stands out for being very accessible, as it is just 100 metres from the road and there is a recreational area with its corresponding car park to facilitate the visit.

2. Cave of the Casares:

Situated in the municipality of Riba de Saelices, this cave houses a archaeological site of great importance. The following have been found inside human and material remains dating back to the Upper Palaeolithic. But it is undoubtedly their prehistoric engravingsThe site is between 30,000 and 15,000 years old and is well worth a visit.

3. Iron Cave:

Located in the municipality of Cueva del Hierro, it owes its name to the iron ore mining that took place inside it for centuries. Today, it is possible to browse its galleries and admire both its curious typical formations and the laborious mining process through the traces left by both Romans and earlier peoples.

4. Cave of the Harlot:

In Beteta you will find the Cueva de la Ramera, a magical place that will captivate you for its underground lakes and their whimsical formations, originating from the dissolution of the limestone rock. A tour of this cave will take you back to times gone by when humans used these places for shelter.

Recommendations for your visit:

  • Plan your visit in advance: Some caves require prior reservation or a guided tour.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and footwear: Be aware that caves can be wet and slippery.
  • It respects the environment: Do not leave litter or disturb the natural environment.

The caves of the Upper Tagus are waiting to reveal their secrets to you. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty and magic of this underground universe.

Are you up for an unforgettable adventure?

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