Location: Peñalen

Peñalen is situated in the foothills of a vast and flat plateau, covered with endless pine forests that know no borders and reach into the neighbouring Serrezuela de Valsalobrealready in Cuenca.
It is one of the most marvellous landscapes that we can contemplate in the whole of the Alto Tajo. Surrounded by mountains, canyons and endless forests, and almost hanging down overlooking the impressive Tagus valleyarises PeñalénThe church stands out at the top.
From the village, a track runs down to the river bank, following the course of the water, to the San Pedro´s Bridgeor upwards to Poveda, Taravilla o Peralejosideal for the restthe hiking and the enjoyment of the natureIt is always advisable to travel to these incredible enclaves, as we can say that the main attraction of this town is the landscape.

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